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Revenue, Marketing & Reputation Management

Custom Hotel Revenue Management

At Revutation, we understand revenue management and the power of online distribution. We merge technology and increase production with marketing across the global distribution system (GDS), internet distribution system (IDS), and on-line travel agents (OTA). Revutation will identify opportunities with current partners, communicate why your hotel is different, and expand on and discover new partnerships and practices that will increase your exposure, sell more rooms, and position your hotel in front of more guests.

  • Weekly Revenue Reports with daily breakdown, hot dates, and pacing information.
  • Optimize website funnels and booking engine design (content, layout and images), functionality to increase conversions.
  • Maximize upsell and add-on opportunities as well as email collection for increased digital guest communication.
  • Recommend and assist with seasonal offers, tracking links, and promotions.
  • Competitive set and market analysis and review as available

Inventory, Rate and Promotion Management

  • Maximize distribution channels to ensure proper positioning and presentation
  • Ensure rate integrity across all websites and communication with staff – Channel management, review and load rates to ensure rate parity
  • Work directly with OTA Market Managers on hotels behalf
  • Coordinate and assess participation with Opaque travel sites as needed to fill need dates or distressed inventory

Social Networking and Online Reputation Management

Consumer driven content has become influential in determining where travelers stay and how they spend their dollars. Social networking has changed the landscape of managing your online reputation, and how you interact with your hotel guests online. Our team helps to lay the groundwork and create an online presence that represents your hotel in the way that makes the most sense for your goals. We work hard to ensure consistent branding across all sites, engage your customers, increase your fan base and your overall online presence.

  • Social content publishing, scheduling, management, staff training and responses
  • Reputation and brand monitoring across all online channels
  • Social media advertising and increased engagement
  • Expand property event reach and partnerships
  • Social media photography is taken and edited as needed, to be a visual storyteller for your property

Email and Newsletter Communication

  • Management of hotel databases, list distribution and email collections across all websites, social media, and memberships
  • Marketing schedule with seasonal offers and trends identified
  • Design, content, tracking links and newsletter distribution
  • Website content, offer or blogs created and added to site to link newsletters to

Search Engine Optimization for Hotels

True search engine optimization (SEO) for hotels is not something that is done once and forgotten about, it is an ongoing process that requires research, analysis, execution, monitoring, and tweaking, especially for eCommerce hotel websites. We cater to hotels both large and small, branded or independent, with offerings targeted around your budget, your hotels needs, and your goals. Our approach to SEO is pragmatic, practical, and effective – our clients see a return on their investment and enjoy a refreshing relationship with an SEO firm that really gets it.

  • Management of all website content, updates and seasonal offers and promotions
  • Search engine optimization for organic/natural, local and paid search results (3 different algorithms)
  • Optimize on-page content, links, images, layout – all to contribute to SEO efforts by page and section

Hotel eCommerce Website Design

Your website design, the usability, layouts, buttons, colors, are all big factors in the conversion optimization equation. While a website may look professional, creative, and visually appealing, there are often overlooked factors that web designers simply don’t take into consideration. Revutation designs for conversions – making sure the site is designed with reservations, table reservations, spa appointments and group business in mind from the beginning, so you cannot only impress your website visitors, but funnel them directly to making revenue for your property.

  • Full website reporting, analytics and performance transparency
  • Maximize the performance and effectiveness of the hotel or restaurant’s proprietary website to increase conversions
  • If new site is needed, we’ll fully coordinate the design, content, link building, create images and graphics, etc with the selected website company

Paid Search Marketing

Revutation search marketing for hotels uses the latest marketing solutions to get their properties to the top of search engines, for the terms deemed the most important to that specific property. Our team implements everything from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search marketing to priority placement programs available on the global distribution systems (GDS). We look at the big picture of your online presence, and provide a clear picture of the revenue that has been generated specifically due to our contributions.

  • Google Adsense for text, display/image, mobile and retargeting advertising
  • Ad design, links, and coordination with third party websites
  • TripAdvisor business listings, pay-per-click ad and banner campaign coordination
  • Social media campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Professional and Social Photography

Nothing sells a location better than strong photography. But the same 12 strong photos will not help you fill the property year-round, especially with how frequently you need to communicate in our social world. The team at Revutation can assist in recommending the right photographer to fit your brand, provide a shot list and prep instructions to the property and professional photographers, as well as day-of direction, staging and coordination.

Since daily updates, promotional, seasonal and event set-ups are needed and can’t always be scheduled, Revutation always has a camera in-hand and frequently takes photos for use for social media distribution. 

Branding and Print Marketing Materials

Having the same team aware of all marketing initiatives and reviewing the projects, not only allows for more consistent branding and tracking, but better presentation and results. Our team doesn’t just stop with monitoring your online presence, but has extensive background in ad, marketing materials and print marketing. We are available to review all projects, and can spear-head setting up the design, tracking, and coordination of all new marketing materials and initiatives as needed.