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Revutation Proven Results

The comprehensive revenue management approach employed by Revutation produces proven and sustainable results in even the toughest market conditions. Unparalleled dedication and cutting edge knowledge are the foundation for results like these:

A client in Virginia increased revenue 37% year over year in a down market through effective management of all revenue sources including reservations by phone, the property’s booking engine, OTA’s, opaque channels, increased corporate business through grass roots efforts as well as updated GDS rate sequencing, and effective management of all areas of marketing such as enhanced website design, search engine optimization, and paid search marketing campaigns.

What this owner has to say about us, “After 25 years in this business I have never met a more dedicated and motivated revenue manager than you will find with Justin May. His complete focus on my account increased our revenues in a down market and he was available 24/7. I cannot praise him enough.”

A group of 3 properties in North Carolina realized a 12% increase year over year in room revenue while the market suffered with a 15% decrease in room revenue. This 27% swing compared to the market was accomplished using a comprehensive revenue management approach that combined creativity, dedication, and thorough data analysis.

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